Leafguard Installation

At Eavestroughs & More, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality leafguards that will be the right fit for your home.

Leafguards, also known as gutter guards, are a crucial component of a home. Leafguards are meant to prevent leaves and debris from entering your existing eavestroughs, allowing water to travel without blockage. They also prevent damage to the eavestroughs, exterior and foundation of your home by ensuring that there is no build up and prevent water and debris from seeping into your structure.

How Does Our Leafguard Process Work

We send our professional experts to visit your home to inspect the current state of your gutter system & provide you with an estimate

Once the work begins, we use the highest quality grade materials, mainly heavy gauge aluminum for a seamless installation that is cut on site so that it is the perfect length to fit your home.

  • Measurements are taken, and a drawing is provided offering suggestions on ways to protect your home
  • High quality Alu-Rex products that include a 40 year manufacturer and performance warranty
  • T-Rex - For durable clog free rain gutters
  • Clear - For optimal rain gutter protection
  • Work is completed and you are provided with our service and product guarantee
  • Variety of leaf guard styles that we highly recommend
  • Work is completed and you are provided with our service and product guarantee as well as manufacturer warranty.

  • Hassle & Cost free quotes and consultations
  • Unbeatable eavestroughing product quality
  • Wide range of eavestrough styles and materials
  • Discounted rates for senior citizens

Why Are Leafguards Important?

Leafguards are important in ensuring that the investment that you made in your eavestroughs and drainage are protected.

Leafguards protect against:

  • Growth of mold in your eavestroughs over time
  • Clogs that occur from built up debris
  • Spillovers, over clogs that occur by debris blocking traveling water
  • Leaks that may seep into brick, soffit, siding and fascia
  • Leaves and twigs getting stuck in gutters from nearby trees


Why Choose Eavestroughs & More?

There are only advantages when choosing Eavestroughs & More for your home renovation project because we ensure the highest quality materials and service. You can sit back and enjoy our wide variety and unbeatable product selection and top of the line materials. Working with us means that your eavestrough installation is guaranteed and executed by professionals who have worked in the industry for over 20 years! All of our work is executed to manufacturer specifications and will uphold all product warranties.